Best Friends

Wow! Beautiful story!

And I Like You

The best relationships begin with strong friendships.

Years before we fell in love, Kat and I were friends who met on Facebook in 2009. More specifically, Kat added me as a “friend” only hours after her cousin had. I had met her cousin through my high school’s track and field team my freshman year. Talking to strangers on Facebook was not something I typically did, but I am glad that I decided to talk to the very cool girl who added me on Facebook. Kat always had the most interesting stories and adventures. She had an amazing taste in music that complimented my own and we were so similar it was crazy.

For years, and up to this day, Kat is my best friend. I tell her everything and she tells me everything. She is one of the few friends I have had for this long and is possibly the…

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