Double Mocha Chocolate Cake With Mocha Chocolate Buttercream

OMG! How scrumptious does this look?




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Chocolate is only for the young. Or that’s what I’ve heard before. I say PISH POSH to that!!!! Chocolate is for ALL ages! Lol.

My husband’s birthday was yesterday and he loves chocolate cake! All the way through! So do I haha. So I decided to put my BEST into it and bake the most delightful chocolate flavored cake I could come up with. The most moist, soft and creamy cake for that special man of mine.

After all, we’ve been together for a little over twenty years now. Our 19th wedding anniversary will be in September. So I’d say he deserves it lol.

This cake has coffee infused into it to enhance the chocolate, some Almond Flour to give it a bit of that joconde cake texture and flavor found in cakes such as the Opera cake. I also added pure Maple syrup for flavor enhancement and sweetness while…

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