Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself!

No apologies for the earworm.

Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Evonne and it’s a pleasure to be here with all of you.
I’m 34, originally from Queens, NY, now living in Tucson, AZ with my awesome husband, Craig. He’s truly the light of my life, my gorgeous, blonde God, as I often refer to him, and I would be lost without him.

My husband Craig and me, after our San Diego beach wedding! Told you I'm a mermaid at heart!

My husband Craig and me, after our San Diego beach wedding! Told you I’m a mermaid at heart!

I’m a board certified and licensed cosmetologist and special effects makeup artist. My first job, believe it or not, was doing FX makeup at 14.

I often say makeup is my first love, but that’s only if you don’t count Craig. Hair, skin and nails aren’t far behind, so I expect to post a lot of beauty blogs for your reading enjoyment. I’ve won awards, placed top ten in worldwide competitions for OPI, Sassoon and Arrojo, and worked with some amazing people, including Disney and Children With Hair Loss. I do LOVE what I do.

I also, obviously, enjoy writing. I’m a published novelist (“Sanguine Angel”, my novel, went live in 2008) and have written award winning poetry and short stories, which I sometimes share.
I have a creative, often quirky sense of aesthetics and humor.I find artistic photography relaxing as well as digital art. I’ve sung the national anthem at sporting events, white water rafted, modeled professionally.

I rescue cats and recently adopted a husky/wolf hybrid, which has been an experience, to say the least.

Dusyran dog, our wolf/ husky hybrid rescue. Grrr! She thinks she's terrifying!

Dusyran dog, our wolf/ husky hybrid rescue. Grrr! She thinks she’s terrifying!

I love classic Camaros (and yes, I can work on them myself), route for the New York Jets(NFL) and Tony Stewart (NASCAR), enjoy cooking, hiking and wine tasting. I’m heavily tattooed and pierced and love hard classic rock, hair rock, and Avenged Sevenfold over other types of music, but I do enjoy a little bit of everything from Celtic harp and Native American flute, to country and jazz, when the mood strikes me.

I’m also a mermaid at heart who misses the beach and the crashing waves of the ocean. I’m what some call a “bat goddess”, due to my love of them and efforts to help conservation issues. Animal abuse is one of my biggest pet peeves and my husband and I are both active in animal rights issues and causes. I adore animals, which is why I chose to go vegetarian in my diet.

A little pink and glitter meets bats and black roses. Kinda like chocolate meets peanut butter…I’m a little weird until you get to know me, but I promise after that, we’ll all have a blast!

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