Barrel & Ashes Review – LA’s Chef Centric Take on Classic Texas BBQ

When I ! still ate meat, BBQ was about all Texas was good for! 😉
Now, I’ll get a pint of the sauce and spread it on grilled veggies instead! Portobello mushrooms are an excellent choice since they have a similar texture to meat when grilled.

Sup y’all beautiful betches? Yer boy here takin a hot minute to bestow a new culinary discovery upon y’all asses. Now just a couple weeks ago, I’m sittin back straight chillin at Fat Phuck HQ and this crazy ass feelin came over me. I ain’t even knowing how to describe it, but yer boy felt like an East African wildebeest with an instinct to migrate to some new ass feeding grounds. Turns out the feelin was that heavy meat tip hittin me up like a ton a bricks, y’all. The only cure for this shit was gonna be a BBQ feast. After consulting with my connects in the food game, I got schooled bout this spot called Barrel & Ashes in Studio City, CA.

The minute you walk into this mug, you can smell that shit. Brisket, ribs, chicken, sausage, all that gangsta ass BBQ you’d come to expect. The inside of this joint got a…

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