Santa Baby…Don’t Leave THIS in the Stocking for Me!

We’ve most, all, had a “bad” stocking stuffer…right?

I’m Wiccan (now, for 20+ years) and hubby is Christian; we celebrate Yule and Christmas.
However, I was raised Catholic, and that meant some embedded winter holiday traditions in me.
Which, depending on your side of the fence, could be Christian, or not.
(I’m not here to argue religion.)
Anywho, we do stockings in our household.
My husband comes from a line of tradition, that teaches apples and oranges to fill the toe, followed by small treats and goodies.
I grew up, watching my mother get lavish jewelry and expensive treats in hers, while I got a stuffed animal or two, in mine.
Hence, my perpetual need to do more for others, over myself, was born.
Don’t get me wrong!
My husband has put some AMAZING things in my sock, since then.
But, those gods-awful, horrible, fill-the-space stuffers were the worst!
I remember getting white sweatshirts, rolled into tiny, complex balls in mine – via my late “grandmother” (I’m adopted) when she knew I’d never wear them. My cousins were getting cashmere; I was getting Hanes.
I threw them in my trunk ad emergency clothes…sad part is, had they been black, purple or pink, I would have been thrilled.
In recent years, my “family” has been more giving.
They just, apparently, have no ears.
I haven’t eaten pork since ’92 or so. I went vegetarian, 1.5 ago.
I’m just curious…
A few of my stuffer nightmares.
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever had in your stocking?
No judgment!
I mean, 121 days ’till Christmas…maybe the wife will see you don’t want a new tie. Maybe hubby will take the hint on that gorgeous ring (yeah, Craig…hint, hint…). Maybe mom or dad will get you whatever technology is trendy.

Just have a good giggle.

Stocking stuffers for the person you hate…or love for their sense of humor!

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