All the A-PAWS! *ba-ding-dum*

Yesterday was National Dog Appreciation Day. I know, I know…I’m a tad tardy for the party. Sometimes, life gets in the way.

I’d like to introduce Mz. Dusyran T. Dog, to Glitter Fantasy followers!

She thinks she's a Goddess.  ( her defense,  she is treated like one...).

She thinks she’s a Goddess.
(Well…in her defense, she is treated like one…).

We rescued her about two months ago, and she’s a wolf/Husky hybrid.
In December of 2014, our house was broken into while my husband was away. I was assaulted, poisoned, and left for dead.
A couple months ago, someone attempted to break in again.
Both were reported to authorities, but nothing has been done. After the last attempt, the responding officer said, “you need a dog”.
Well, the next day, we’re at the local “pound” (because I refuse to support puppy mills) and we both fell in love with one! We put a (huge) deposit down and everything!
But, the owners, who still had roughly five hours to reclaim, did at the last second.
We were heartbroken; the deposit was not refunded, rather applied to a future “purchase”.
A few days later, we went back. Since my husband is often gone at night, and my sleep schedule varies, I was adamant about having more security at home.
However, I have to “connect” with an animal. Granted, I take rescue cats, but haven’t had a canine in almost 15 years.
I’m also a “big breed” person; I will love and kiss and pet YOUR little dog…I just don’t want to own one.
Had my heart set on a Husky, Malamute ,Sheppard, Lab or Pit.Maybe a Rottie or Shibu.
Okay…I REALLY had my heart set on a Husky or Malamute.
Being in the desert southwest, their long, thick, coarse coats, make them hard to find.

Dusyran and daddy at the mountain! She loves her daddy!

Dusyran and daddy at the mountain! She loves her daddy!

As we walked by cage after cage of poor, abandoned pooches, Craig kept pointing out one after another. We found one we socialized with, but she was deaf and while I’m in NO WAY adverse to that (I have two kitties who are one-eyed), I wanted a pup who could alert me if someone was breaking in again.
Despondant and about out of hope for the day, I heard a Husky howl (if you’ve ever been around Huskies, you know what I mean).
Desperately trying to find where it came from; shelter workers saying they didn’t have a Husky (even though we’d seen four or five, they just weren’t a fit for us), we searched.
Coming up on a cage, this gorgeous ghostly gal walked over, and in Husky fashion, sang “I love you”!
We socialized with her, and I fell for the 90 pound “lap dog” she thinks she is.
She makes me mad as hell some days…but, how can you stay mad at something you truly love?
She has since stolen daddy and mommy’s hearts, found a “furever” home, gained 30 pounds (she was emaciated and abused), and we’ve discovered, and embrace, her wolf-ness!

Dusyran and mommy at the mountain! Gettin' our paws wet after enjoying some high altitude popcorn!

Dusyran and mommy at the mountain! Gettin’ our paws wet after enjoying some high altitude popcorn!

She enjoys popcorn, visits to the mountain, wearing mommy’s makeup (she gets the brush rubbed on her face after I’m done) and movies.
She dislikes fire, large boxes, hoses and food she’s not allowed to eat.
Favorite activities include chasing nothing, eating rocks (or trying to), finding (and eating) imaginary food (no, you’re not allowed to see it, nonetheless have some) and waking mommy up at “Pee O’Clock”.
She’s single boys…but beware! She likes boobs.
If you have boobs, and would like to chat up Mz. Dusyran T. Dog, send a comment.
Be warned…mommy has a shotgun.
Either way, drop a pic of your pup!

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