Black is Back!

I’m a big fan of black; I wear it, almost exclusively, fashion-wise, love my blackest black eyeliner and mascara, and nails…?
Well, I was always on the fence about black nails. I’d wear the absolute darkest shade of red, purple or blue – but straight black…?

Until a cosmetology companion got me into wearing black French tips, I really wasn’t a black nail person.
Nervermind, my husband, who is 18 years my senior, loves a dark nail on me. Shocked the hell out of me when we first started dating; I had a color crisis one day and lined up several shades of classy reds and pastel nudes for him to choose from.
His response?
“Don’t you have anything darker? Like, a dark blue or purple?”
I swear I started picking out China patterns later that day.
I’ve always been a blood red or gun metal grey kinda gal; with neon pinks and purples on hands, and yellows and blues on toes, for summer.

TIP: A white basecoat before applying neon polish will help the color glow. A high-shine top-coat will solve any matte issues you may have.

My hubby is a very classy, old-fashioned man. Chivalry is alive! And, even though he’s (a self described) “long haired freaky people”, I was surprised by how much he notices, and enjoys, dark polish on me.
I do my nails often; sometimes out of boredom, sometimes to emulate a trend. Most often because it’s cathartic, to me.
I’d never been a fan of nail art, either…although, I am (and have been) rockin’ an accent nail! As a Cosmo, I try to stay current and I’m usually the guinea pig.
Doesn’t always mean I’ll wear it longer than it takes me to learn it.
Neither here nor there, Autumn is almost here! That means darker, deeper, warmer shades for eyes, lips and nails.

Check out some cool, black nail polish ideas for your Fall Fashionista! Remember, you can always substitute dark crimson, violet, navy or even greys and greens, if black isn’t your bag.
What do you think?
Let us know in the comments!
Will YOU be sporting ebon tips this Fall?



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