New Nail Trends You Need to Know

Thought we’d seen it all; confetti and water marbling, to caviar and negative space. These two new trends may have you celebrating…or cringing.

What will someone come up with next?
I ask myself that with every new trend, whether I love it or loathe it.
And, when I think something I abhor couldn’t be topped, someone comes along to prove me wrong.
For example, bubble nails.


I truly believe beauty is in the eye, but I can’t quite wrap my head around these. Why anyone would want their nails to look like they’re giant gum balls from the vending machine at the local dive diner, is definitely beyond me and totally not my thing.
Rather than smoothing acrylic evenly over the entire length of the nail, the “beads” or “balls” of acrylic are built up in the center to form a “bubble”; hence the name.
Some of the designs that are applied after (especially greens and some neutral shades), actually have me doing a double-take, concerned it’s a disease of some sort.
More than that, I wonder, how does one function with them? I know nails aren’t tools, but forget popping a soda can, zipping your jeans or (as a friend pointed out) necessary bathroom functions.

Now, aquarium nails, I could get on board with!


Nails are filled with “water” and assorted glitters, confetti even rhinestones are added, creating a snow globe feel, inside the nail.
How does one accomplish this without ending up with, well, a bubble nail?
Being a cosmetologist and having done nails, my first guess was pretty close! What I didn’t factor in, was injections.


Nails are injected prior to application, allowing for a smooth, transparent appearance (assuming a good, clear acrylic is used).
I’m not even sure I could do these; I’d be so constantly distracted by all the pretty, shiny, floating bits, I’d be more likely to stop and gaze at their hypnotic dance rather than finish the set.

To each their own, I suppose, but I’m definitely Team Aquarium Nail in this matchup!
Where do you stand?

Find a few more not-your-average-nail ideas to inspire your next mani.
Or, to avoid.
Your call.


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