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Beauty and everything beautiful.


I post tons of beautiful stuff on Facebook, daily!
From beauty and fashion tips, gorgeous quotes, recipes and personal pictures, they don’t always warrant an entire blog.

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Discover even more about trending fashion, makeup must haves, delicious recipes, cool gadgets, seasonal images, inspiring quotes and plain ol’ personal stuff about your hostess with the mostest, her fabulous husband, music, sports, poetry and everything that makes me tick, rocks my socks and makes MY life beautiful!

Just me! Your glittery guide!

Just me! Your glittery guide!

Mermaid by day, bat goddess by night; you’ll enjoy a whisper of fantasy mixed with childhood whimsy and a dark edge kissed by moonlight and roses.

Give us a like, a share, a comment or two…and discover what it’s like to lead a glittering fantasy, through my eyes!

You can ask my husband – I leave a trail of glitter, wherever I go.
And, most of it ends up on him!

The “gonorrhea of the craft world”, everything looks better with a bit of sparkle.
(Except vampires. Damn Twilight.)

FX makeup artist, cosmetologist, author and vocalist, I find beauty in the unusual.

FX makeup artist, cosmetologist, author and vocalist, I find beauty in the unusual.

Loose your inhibitions, open your mind, pour yourself a drink and enjoy the beauty in the eye of this beholder.


All you need in life, are three things –
Duct tape, WD40 and glitter.
If it moves, but shouldn’t, use duct tape. If it should move, but won’t, use WD40. If that fails, throw glitter on it.
It may be broken, but at least it’ll be beautifully broken!

Glitter Fantasy on Facebook will offer you all the sparkle, shine and purely divine content you need to have a beautiful day!
And that, my friends, is beauty and everything beautiful.

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