Lipstick Fantasy

On bated wings of illusion,
and deceiving words of
the storms rage on within her
and the rain streams down her

Into her hands, a memory,
of what she thought could
never be,
shell fondle it until its cold,
and seek the warmth within.
Hold her head up towards the
she screams at the heavens, a
whispered sigh,
wondering who’ll she have to
to be herself.
Her love’s not for the broken
her endless story hasn’t even
She laughs so hard, she starts
to cry,
“Oh God,” she screams,”please
let me die!”
She walks away in a bittered
the book is closed, she turns
the page,
jaded eyes that hate the soul,
who made her what she is.
Kissing the flames, she turns
she drops down on her knees to
crawling to the edge, she looks
she never knew how hard it
was, to let go.
Minutes crawl by,
she starts to cry,
“Oh God,” she whispers, “I’ve
already died…”
she starts to burn and quiver
the storm still rages on…

She whispers a smile to passers
but never again will she catch
their eye,
she tells you which dream to
meet her in,
but she’s never there.


Image: pinterest

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