We be Rollin’

Chinese food? Yes, please! Hot and sour soup is one of my all time favorites, and of course, a good egg roll satisfies every time.


Granted, you’ll be hungry again in an hour or so, but you probably have leftovers, carefully stashed away in the fridge, for just such an occasion.
My favorite is Hunan Express in Tempe, Arizona , where I fell in love with their vegetarian hot and sour soup (you can find a DIY recipe in our Meatless Monday blog), but it’s a bit of a drive for us (1.5ish hours, depending on traffic) so I don’t get it very often.

Best fortune ever! Its always in my wallet. Coincidentally, Craig was sitting next to me when I got it.

Best fortune ever! Its always in my wallet. Coincidentally, Craig was sitting next to me when I got it.

In fact, that’s where my best fortune ever came from. Its nothing fancy, but definitely worth stopping in if you’re ever in Tempe.

Let's roll.

Let’s roll.

They also have an amazing egg roll, which got me to thinking about egg rolls and spring rolls and all the different things that could be stuffed into a wonton or rice wrapper. Here’s a list or some of the most creative recipes I stumbled upon.


Easy, Original Egg Roll

Mexican Egg Rolls

Chili’s Copycat Southwestern Egg Rolls

Cheesecake Factory Copycat Avocado Egg Roll

BBQ Egg Rolls

Mac & Cheese Egg Rolls

Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls

Pizza Egg Rolls

Soul Food Egg Rolls

Breakfast Egg Rolls

And, if fortune cookies aren’t your idea of dessert…

Pumpkin Pie Egg Rolls


If you’re like me, and enjoy actually eating your fortune cookie, make your own to go with all those delicious egg rolls! Plus, creating your own fortunes could make for great wedding or shower favors or a fun end to a dinner party with friends.
Find some inspiration with these funny fortunes or the Internet Database of Fortune Cookie Messages (I don’t make this stuff up!) If you just want the joy of receiving your fortune, minus the vanilla flavored cookie, “crack” as many as you like, here.
Like a lot of things, the fortune cookie was an American invention , not some deep-rooted Asian tradition as many believe.
Either way, they’re a fun and tasty way to end a great meal!

Images:quickmeme, purpleasparagus, amazingchinesefood, personal.

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