Break Out the Bubbly

I love bubbles!
Whether they be in a bottle of wine, a nice hot bath or in a little bottle with a plastic wand, my inner child adores anything fizzy, foamy and especially fragrant.

Of course, being a woman, I also love lavish baths and the luxury of rich, scented soaps. Artisan soaps are my favorite; typically made in small batches (as opposed to mass produced), unique and a little bit of luxury in every bath or shower, artisnal soaps are a little block of handmade heaven.

Gilded cabernet wine soap?  Keep reading.

Gilded cabernet wine soap? Keep reading.

So, when I stumbled upon this article by ‘Food and Wine’ magazine, detailing 6 Food and Booze Based Soaps, I had to know more.

This Cabernet wine soap is feature in the F&W article.

This Cabernet wine soap is featured in the F&W article.

It also got me thinking, with Christmas a little over 100 days away (count down the days, here) , what great gifts artisan soaps would make, especially in a themed gift basket. I love making themed gift baskets for holiday gifting, so I’ve tracked down some super amazing artisan soaps and not only am I going to share them with you, I’m going to share my ideas for wicked cool holiday gifting.

I am a wine-aholic! I love great vino! This set of four, wine inspired bars would be the perfect gift for a wine geek like me! What better way to relax than a hot bath and a glass (or two…or three) of the nectar of the Gods?!?
I’d pair these soaps with a bottle (or two…or three) of wine, a cute wine glass that I think the recipient would like (remember, you can always buy a plain glass and personalize it with glass paint or etching kits you can find at craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby), some cheese and crackers (Cost Plus is a great place to find mini sized packages of snacks, including cheese that doesn’t require refrigeration) and some red wine bath salts. Depending on how extravagant you want to get, or how big the basket is, a nice corkscrew, some Pink Zebra Mulled Wine Sprinkles and a warmer, and even some wine infused skin care, would make any wine lovers holiday.


I’m also a choco-holic . In fact, Craig and I both are. I have to smuggle chocolate in like a drug lord to avoid him sensing it, and it being devoured in the time it takes me to go to the bathroom and back.
You can see why smelling like chocolate would definitely be a good thing.
I’d match these decadent bars up with some edible ones (again, Cost Plus has an amazing assortment of unique, global chocolates), some packets of hot cocoa mix (if you want to get really crafty, take old baby food jars and glue three of them together to form a “snowman” shape…fill each jar with something cocoa related, like the dry powder, mini marshmallows and crushed peppermint. Adorn with a mini scarf and top hat, and add facial features with googly eyes or a sharpie marker), some homemade fudge or some Poppedify Chocolate Popcorn and this yummy, DIY chocolate lip balm. Of course, if your recipient is female and wears makeup, an eyeshadow palette in chocolate shades could also be appropriate.
(Spoiler alert! National Chocolate Day is in October, and damn, do I have a blog planned to celebrate!)



Possibilities are endless, here! For that “morning person” in your life, or just those who like a good Cup O’ Joe, caffeine has some amazing benefits for the skin. a cute coffee mug (you can find so many online by searching whatever your recipient’s interests/hobbies/sense of humor may be), a bag of his or her favorite beans, a gift card to their favorite coffee shop (while I don’t typically endorse Starbucks, they have some pretty cool rewards if that’s where your recipient gets his/her morning cuppa, if they “register” the card), maybe a countertop coffee bean grinder and this homemade coffee sugar scrub, perhaps all stashed in various parts of an inexpensive coffee maker, as opposed to a basket, would be a real “perk” for any coffee lover.



This one also has a ton of possibilities. Most major liquor stores sell giant sized Margarita (and other classic cocktails) glasses, which I would opt for over a basket. For time’s sake, I’m going to stay with Margaritas as my example, even though this soap set includes four separate scents. I’d get green glass paint and nail caviar (available at beauty supply stores and often at the 99 cent store) and paint the glass to look like it had Margarita already in it, and use the nail caviar to rim the glass. If you can’t get nail caviar, the little white cake beads would work, they just won’t last as long as something glass or plastic (craft stores may have some cool options as well – look in the bead section). I’d throw in a couple ready to drink, frozen pouches , maybe a few airplane or shot sized bottles of tequila (I’d pick different brands with great flavors or cool bottles), maybe a tin of flavored rim salt and, either a DIY spa salt scrub (if she/he is a Margarita drinker) or a homemade yummy sugar scrub (if your recipient is a Daiquiri drinker).



I would stuff these in a gorgeous glass teapot , with some blooming or flowering teas, some specially picked loose leaf teas and an awesome tea infuser (I love the shark!), and add some DIY Martha Stewart Tub Tea Bags for an experience to the TEA.


You can buy soap artisan soap, or you can make it extra special and create it! If you have a Halloween lover in your life, grab a plastic Jack O’Lantern, stuff it with homemade pumpkin spice soap, some (packaged) candy and small favors like plastic spider rings, flocked bats or any of the many trinkets you can find at Oriental Trading Company. Make a “basic” girl happy as hell! Don’t forget to add a tub of this pumpkin face mask, for a real Halloween treat.

If you want to try your hand at making your own soap , need specialty molds, want to make your own, cute soap labels , or just aren’t sure how much scent to add , the internet and most all craft stores have a wealth of products available, as well as information.

Which of my soapy surprises would you most like to receive? Let us know on FB or in the comments!

Images: Etsy, Pinterest, uncommongoods, andreabadgley.


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