Think ‘No Animal Testing’ is Safe?

Love animals? Safe to assume most people do, in some way, shape or form.


Almost everyone has a “favorite” animal; for example, I love bats.
I also love lizards and dragonflies, starfish and dolphins. Sea turtles, seahorses, ladybugs and even spiders…and of course, dogs and cats.
I’ve run the gambit when it comes to pets. While I currently only have the wolf pup and cats, I’ve had a 6′ iguana that roamed the house at will, rats, fish, bearded dragons, a fox pup -you name it.
I even went vegetarian (which, if you read my blogs, you know.I’m actually pescatarian, working towards completely giving up eating anything with a face) because I adore, admire and respect animals so much.
Unfortunately, for my animal loving brethren, I have bad news.
If you think buying products that state “no animal testing”, or “cruelty free” on them is helping the cause, you’re being lied to.
Okay, not a big lie, like the Mayans said the world was going to end last year, or Y2K. More like a little white lie, like Santa or the Tooth Fairy.
If you’re buying cosmetic items (i.e.,makeup, shampoo, skincare, etc.) in the United States, it has been tested on animals, regardless.
At least, if you’re buying a major market, mass produced item (I’m not talking about small, independent companies).

“But, it says they don’t test on animals right on the bottle!”

And, I read it on the internet, so it must be true.

Sorry to burst your proverbial bubble, but anything mass marketed in the US must pass FDA approval. In order to do so, it must first be tested on animals in order to be deemed “safe” for human consumption and/or use.
How do companies get away with it?
THEY don’t test on animals.
Instead, they hire an independent company to do the necessary testing to gain FDA approval.
Therefore, company “X” doesn’t test on animals; they pay company “Y” to do it, so they get their FDA green-light, and can legally state they (company “X”) don’t do animal testing. They let company “Y” do all the poking, prodding, injecting and abusing of monkeys, rats and bunnies.
So, the next time you’re in the market for a new shampoo or mascara, and are letting the scales tip in favor of a company who claims a “No Animal Testing”, simply for that reason, stop and remember this.
The more you know.

Image: ideales

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