THIS MUAs Top 10 Peeves

After posting an article about this on social media, I promised I would post my own, top 10 peeves as a professional makeup artist. You can go to every MUA in the world, and they’ll give you a different list, simply because that’s their style, so to speak.

It pains me to say this (because it means I’m getting old), but I’ve been doing this 20 years now.
I have some peeves.
Here are my top 10, in no particular order, after this first one.


#10. Skin Care
I cannot stress enough the importance of taking care of your skin! Its literally the biggest organ on your body (nice try, gentlemen) and it needs TLC, especially around the eyes and lips where skin is thinner, more delicate and prone to wrinkles. This includes exfoliating, at least once a week. If you ever sit your seat in mine, and you have flaky, neglected skin, the price will triple – now, you’re paying for the makeup you came in for, the extra product I’m going to use because your skin is going to suck it up like a Dyson, and the mini facial I’m going to give you before we start to eliminate some of the problems I’m undoubtedly going to face (no pun) because you couldn’t be bothered to use a decent night cream, sunscreen and exfoliating products.
I’d recommend a better quality product (you’ll use less and it will last longer, even though you’re paying more) but anything is better than nothing. Sea salt and olive oil work, when all else fails.

#9. Don’t sleep in your makeup!
Okay, every so often, it happens. But, if you’re lazy (like me) invest in some pre-moistened wipes to remove makeup before bed, if you don’t want to wash it all off the traditional way. Foundation and powders clog pores, leading to acne break-outs. Hard, crunchy mascara can break brittle lash hair. Now, you’re fixing several problems, instead of preventing them in one, simple step.

#8. Pick your scabs.
MUAs will go back and fourth on this, but I’m a believer that picking the scab allows the wound to heal quicker and with less scarring. Often times skin will try to heal over scabs, leading to more prominent scarring. Don’t pick it until it’s painful and bloody, but gentle exfoliation and picking (with clean hands) can reduce the chances (in my opinion – as I said, MUAs and skin care professionals will be split 50/50 here).

#7. Stop buying every new trend.
Just because electric blue shadow is trendy, or dewy foundation is “in”, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Especially if you hate blue or looking slightly oily. You can wear an electric shadow in another shade, or blue in a subtler shade and add highlighter to matte foundation and get a similar effect,that’s more you. Just because it was on a runway or in a magazine, doesn’t mean you have to have it. This isn’t high school anymore. Stop it.

#6. Cheap hacks.
They have a place and time. Some are legit. But using colored pencils as eyeliner, crayons for lipstick or a shot glass in place of an injection, isn’t cool. There’s just no other way to say it. Its stupid, it’s dangerous and if you end up with conjunctivitis or a similar infection, it’s contagious. Spend the extra few bucks and buy actual makeup, that has been treated and approved to go on your face.

#5. Over-arching your brows.
This goes back to being trendy, but the geometric shaped dark brows are a disaster. Brows are meant to frame your eyes, not make you look like a terrified gazelle in heat.


#4. Not cleaning your brushes.
Makeup brushes do carry bacteria. Bacteria leads to infections. Clean them, preferably, once a week in a mild soap (like Dawn), dry them so they’re not soaked, help them back into whatever shape they were, and let them dry on a flat surface, overnight. It also prevents colors from getting “muddy” due to pigment deeper in the bristles.

#3. Dark lip liner.
Lip liner should match, or be slightly darker, than your natural lip color, not the same shade as your lipstick. The true purpose of lip liner is to define the natural shape of the lip and help prevent lip color from bleeding into fine lines and wrinkles.

#2. Not setting your makeup.
Translucent powder is your friend. Is sets foundation, concealer, lipsticks…and, is a wonderful tool to dust under eyes or lips to catch glitter or excess pigment so you don’t have a streak where you tried to brush it off. Setting your makeup gives it staying power – less touch up, less sliding or melting, less worry. It’s five seconds that prevents five hours of additional fussing.


#1. Not blending.
Some products are meant to be sharp and precise (eyeliner or lip liner); contouring, blushes and shadows need to be blended, or else they end up looking streaky and fake. I’ve done it. We all do it. But, there’s a huge difference between breaking the law, and being a repeat offender.

Check out my top 10 beauty must-haves.


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