Meaningful Beauty is Meaningless to Me

If you’re like me, and spend a lot of time up during the wee hours, you’ve probably seen an infomercial or two in your time.
Everything from the infamous Ron Popeil and his “set it and forget it” rotisserie, to health and beauty products like Meaningful Beauty, by iconic 80’s supermodel, Cindy Crawford.


If you’re like me, you’ve probably been tempted to pick up the phone and order one of those late night impulse products, especially one like Meaningful Beauty, with it’s glorious claims of younger, firmer skin like Cindy’s.
Supposedly, the secret to her skin care, as well as her essentially un-aging appearance, is some rare melon, which is used in her products.


I’d love to tell you more about that, but after using the Meaningful Beauty Ultra Lifting and Filling Treatment, I can say not only were the ingredients not listed on my packaging, but are harder than hell to find on the website (I did find the FAQs, but it didn’t really provide solid answers, in my mind and I essentially gave up the ghost, so to speak).
That’s a huge red flag to me, since I like to know what’s going on or in me.
Normally, I can tell in about two weeks if I’m going to like a skin care product. I used the Ultra Lifting and Filling Treatment, as instructed, for over a month because I was so sure something miraculous was going to happen.
Instead, I just wasted five weeks of my skin’s life.


I immediately disliked the texture, which stays slightly sticky or tacky after applying. The smell, while not offensive, in my opinion, is strongly perfumed and my husband immediately noticed that (he’s very sensitive to smells, for medical reasons) – perhaps the result of this rare French orchid that is supposedly included.
I didn’t notice any lifting or filling of fine lines and wrinkles, and while granted, my skin isn’t what most what call mature, I do usually notice some difference with products targeted as such.
If anything, I noticed my face taking on a more dull, sullen, lackluster appearance during the time I was using the product, which I certainly didn’t like; to be honest, I’m happy to going back to my previous skin care brand, because Meaningful Beauty may work for Ms.Crawford, but it certainly did not work for me.


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