Bats in Our Belfry

Bats are my favorite, regardless of what time of year it is. I’ve had a strange fascination with them since grade school, and all those nasty rumours about them getting stuck in your hair were first introduced to me as a scare tactic of sorts.

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Deepest Sympathies to the Family of Scott Marshall

In honor of #ScottMarshall who was the 4th season winner of #InkMaster passing (at 41, under suspicious circumstances), do YOU have ink? Tell us or share a link to photo in the comments
Oh! Don’t forget to include YOUR artist’s name, shop name and location!
MY most recent, at Painted Lady in Tucson, AZ, by Kevin. My wedding garter, birthday and Valentine’s gift from Craig.
Although,  I do have a total of about 20, head to toe.


Death by Chocolate- 200 chocolate ideas for National Chocolate Day

October 28 is National Chocolate Day.
As if we need an excuse to eat chocolate, right?

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