Hooray! Its the First Day of Halloween!

To most people, it’s simply the first day of October. To some of us, those kind of people it’s the first day of Halloween.


Craig and I started dating in mid-September, so one of our first, real dates, was Halloween.
Since I had married my ex on Halloween, it was mildly melancholy; I certainly didn’t miss him, but it was sad to think a marriage hadn’t worked out.
Don’t get me wrong – I, to this day, cannot stand my ex, and if for any reason I need to deal with him, I go through his best friend instead. She’s still a very good friend of mine, and understands why I refuse to deal with the ex…after all, she was there for the entire disaster and knows both sides. I also think she takes some pleasure in yelling at him.
*insert picture of Kermit the Frog drinking tea*
That’s none of my business.
Anyway, Craig and I had been living together already (as I mentioned in No Shit, Scary Story ) but hadn’t had too many real dates.
When Halloween rolled around, a friend of his in a local jazz band was playing at a swanky restaurant nearby, and we’d been invited to a party at a mutual friend’s home after.
We both dressed up; more formal than costume, although as soon as I caught a glance at myself in a window, I realized I should have donned a red wig and called myself Jessica Rabbit.
We attended the concert, which, while I do enjoy jazz, I have to be in the mood for it – between not really feeling the music, the fact our two drinks each knocked us back almost $50, and the band’s sleazy guitar player blatantly hitting on me, with Craig sitting next to me, we bailed after the second break.
Our friend’s party wasn’t much better.
While Craig knew more of the people than I did (this person was introduced to me through the aforementioned ex, and played pool league with Craig), I’m not the kind of person to just stand in a corner and not participate. I’ll introduce myself, get involved in conversations and open my mouth, regardless of whether I probably should.
After another of his friends hit on me, way worse than the sleazy guitar player (this rich jerk offered to pay for everyone to go out to the casino, and he’d get everyone a room, while I could share with him), we bailed that party as well…after I gave Craig the longest, sloppiest, glitter filled kiss (I was wearing a red glitter lipstick) ever!
I vaguely remember stopping at a convenience store, buying a couple bottles of Boone’s Farm, a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and some Snickers, coming back to the house, drinking both bottles, eating the entire bag of Doritos and something like, four king-size Snickers bars while listening to hair rock and just laughing.
To this day, one of the best dates I’ve ever had.
Have a #ThrowbackThursday memory you’d like to share? Please do in the comments!


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