Beauty Infusion is Better Beauty in a Bottle

Having certain medical conditions, I take more pills everyday than a junkie at a rave. Unfortunately, most of which make my nails very brittle and cause hair loss.


They also dull my skin, but I’m very picky about skincare and hadn’t noticed quite as much of a problem there.
I was trying to grow out my own nails, since even though I find it relaxing, I hadn’t had the energy to maintain my acrylics – and my hair, which was my biggest complaint, has me washing only once a week and coloring every other month (if you’ve seen photos of me, you know I wear my hair platinum blonde, but it’s naturally dark brown, almost black), so it’s been difficult for me. Its just too fragile and even brushing it, seeing the strands in the brush, would bring me close to tears.

Neocell Beauty Infusion to the rescue!

First, it’s easy. A scoop of powder in any non-dairy drink, once a day (preferably on an empty stomach). That’s it! All you have to do.


6,000 MG of Collagen, 50 MG of Hyaluronic Acid, 3,000 MCG of Biotin, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C in every scoop (and only 58 calories)!



I used a scoop in 32oz of liquid, and it was the perfect sweetness for me. I do recommend adding a bit of liquid, then the powder, stir and dissolve, THEN the rest of your liquid and ice (if applicable) to ensure you don’t develop carpal tunnel syndrome trying to get it fully dissolved (it took me a few attempts to get the “method” down, even though my husband just gave me a blank stare, like “Duh”, when I asked him to mix it for me one morning and explained this).
I’m not the brightest crayon some days, especially in the morning. I felt it was worth mentioning because I know I’m not alone.

Now, taste?
The Tangerine Twist is delicious! I was a bit hesitant when I first opened the canister and smelled it (I smell everything, especially if I’m going to ingest it) because it had a slightly chemical smell – think old-school instant breakfast drinks. It tastes nothing like it smells.
(As a side note, it makes a damn delicious Screwdriver, too! I’m not a Screwdriver drinker, either, but this didn’t trigger the acid reflux that standard OJ gives me, which made a believer out of me.)
Its soy and gluten free, and comes in other flavors , if tangerine isn’t your thing. Craig also liked it, and was pleasantly surprised by how good it is. Beauty benefits aside, I’d drink it for the taste alone.

Now, the real question…

Considering the obstacles it had to work against, yes! I definitely saw an improvement in both my nail strength and hair! Not crying every morning, seeing all the hair in the brush was worth every single penny.

Neocell is a leader in beauty and other health supplements, as well as topical Beauty products, like their highly rated face mist.
Do yourself a favor and check out the Beauty Infusion at the very least! Your hair, skin, nails and tastebuds will thank you!

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