Meet Your New Addiction!

I’m a huge fan of anything that smells good. I’ve been a Yankee Candle girl for years (more than I care to admit to). I got hooked when I first smelled “Harvest”  (which made my nostalgic heart pitter-patter in delight, reminding me of scratch and sniff pumpkin stickers I used to get as a kid).
Move over, Yankee (sad words coming from a NY girl’s mouth!)
Pink Zebra just stole my heart!


Forget those scented little cubes, too – I cannot begin to describe how damaging they are to plastic! I got sidetracked and  forgot, leaving a cube on my combs at my station in the salon one day. The combs were headed for sanitizer, but as I said, sidetracked.  They sat, overnight, and the cube started to melt the plastic on my combs! Combs that see chemicals like bleach and relaxer; combs that work with styling tools that can get up to 500 degrees fahrenheit. The cube destroyed them, overnight.  And, don’t get me started on what one of the hanging, car fresheners did to my in-room AC unit where I hung it. I’d have been a pissed off camper had it done that to my car’s dash, console or door.
Pink Zebra is my new, go-to for home and vehicle scent! Affordable, too!
I’m in love with Pumpkin Amber, but Farmhouse Cider is a close second. Pumpkin Amber is so warm and relaxing; not nearly as pumpkin-y as I would have guessed, but holy cow (or should I say holy zebra) it smells awesome! A little pumpkin, a touch of warm amber, and a splash of all the citrus and spice that makes up good  mulled cider or wine. Farmhouse Cider reminds me of walking into a Cracker Barrel restaurant around the holidays, when all the scented candles and pinecones are in stock. A bit more apple and cinnamon, with a dash of a woodsy, pine note.
My consultant, Kim,  is the most amazing, too!
Go check her out, and if you ask nicely, she’ll send you a hand-picked sample or two, based on your scent preferences!
These little beads of utter scent bliss go a long way, and both the sprinkles, as they call them, and the unique warmers they sell (although, the sprinkles can be used in a standard tart or wax warmer) are such a bargain! Christmas is right around the corner – treat yourself, so your home smells delicious for visiting friends and family, and then share the scented seduction by stocking up and making everyone’s holiday a Pink Zebra kind of Christmas! The bottles of sprinkles would be a perfect stocking stuffer, while a warmer would be a great “under the tree” gift.
With 60 sprinkle scents, ranging from Napa Leather and Stone Washed Denim (for the gentlemen), to Amaretto Cream and Peppermint Patty (for those foodies) and Gentle Rain, Turquoise Waters and Relax (a lavender and vanilla blend), there’s  something for everyone on your holiday gift list!
Bottles (3.75 oz., shown) are a steal at $8, but 16 oz. cartons are only $25!
Lights, shades and warmers start at about $15…and, they sell DIY picture shade kits (so you can place your own photo in the shade – great for grandparents!),  Hang-Its (great for a Christmas tree or wreath) and Mobile DIY auto-style fresheners (like those little pine trees, but way cooler) that use Soaks, the liquid version of sprinkles, and come in 30 scents, including New Car and Stress Relief (if you have “road rage” like I do, not a bad idea!).
Check them out and give Pink Zebra a try for yourself! You’ll be glad you did!
(Oh, and don’t forget to let Kim know Evonne from Glitter Fantasy sent you!)


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