How to Perfectly Pair Your Halloween Candy With Wine

Let’s face it.
90% of the Halloween candy you buy, never makes it to the kiddos.

We’re not judging. Hell, 90% of the candy we buy doesn’t even make it through the night, nonetheless until Halloween.
Same goes for wine. If you follow our blogs, you probably know Craig and I are big wine drinkers. And, leftover wine is a terrible urban legend.

Craig and me, at a recent wine tasting event.

Craig and me, at a recent wine tasting event.

We tend to prefer Moscatos and Riesling, while I adore anything bubbly (Spanish Cava, Italian Prosecco or French Champagne), and every so often, a Syrah or Shiraz. And, of course, we have a huge soft spot for Stella Rosa , which was our wedding wine.


It’s no mystery that wine goes with cheese, and recently wine and chocolate pairing has become more popular (in fact, you can buy chocolate specifically to pair with wine, or this last weekend, we bought a chocolate bar that had wine in it).
So, if you’re hoarding Snickers or Reeses, you’re set. What if you’re snagging Skittles or Starburst out of your kid’s All Hallows Eve stash, though?
Now what?


Delish recommends these wine and Halloween Candy pairings , but Vivino recommends these pairings for Halloween scores.


The general theory is red with chocolate and white with everything else. If you have any doubts, it’s a safe rule of thumb.

What it really boils and bubbles down to, is do what you like. If yellow Skittles and Pinot Noir is your thing, go for it! If you’re like me, and have a weakness for candy corn flavored Hershey bars and Moscato, do it! Everyone is different, which is why so many wine AND candy options exsist to begin with.
If it sounds good, try it. Worst case, you don’t like it and don’t do it again.
Its a freaking piece of candy the size of a baby spider, at best (especially “fun size” candy bars these days). What have you really got to lose?

My recommendation – if you’re unsure, start small. Have a sip of wine with your candy of choice, before your pour a whole glass or chow down on junior’s entire stash.
That way, if you don’t like the combination, you haven’t spit out an entire glass of wine (as Craig says, that’s alcohol abuse), horked up some bizarre Halloween candy rainbow as a sacrifice to the porcelain Gods, and brushed your teeth 100 times to get the taste out of your mouth.
Some candies pair better with other spirits, as well. If wine and gummy bears aren’t your thing, soak them in vodka instead (just make sure little Timmy or Kimmy knows they’re not allowed into your candy, and keep it well hidden and out of reach to be safe.


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Ghost in the Mist - best served cauldron style!  Check out this wine based drink in our blog, "Won't You Be My BOO" !

Ghost in the Mist – best served cauldron style!
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