This is a Halloween PSA

Okay, people. You may think it’s an ‘Old Wives Tale’, or ‘Urban Legend’ – you can blame movies or the media or whatever makes you feel better.  Sad reality is, this is a real threat.


It’s not Witches or Wiccans; it’s not Satanists, either (if you get past your fears of less “mainstream” religions, you’ll know, neither sacrifice animals).
Its stupid, malicious,  serial-killer-in-the-making teens, misguided humans and Devil Worshippers (totally different than Satanism; I’m Wiccan,  but did a lot of research to find the religion, or spiritual path, for ME, and if you take the time to read the Satanic Bible, you’ll find its actually closer to Old Testament, than anything, in my opinion).
But, I’m not here to argue religion or spirituality or anything else.
I’m simply reminding you, with Halloween less than two weeks away, please keep your black, or dark colored pets, indoors.
Especially at night.
Its not just black cats anymore,  either. Dogs, rabbits, birds and horses are also on the radar.
IF you have an animal that must go outside, or stay outside, especially at night, keep an extra close eye and ear on them.
Now, if you’re in the Southern Arizona area, there’s been an epidemic of Husky (dog) thefts, in the last couple weeks. Having a (mostly white) wolf/ husky hybrid, it has me wondering if there’s a correlation. 


Dusyran, our hybrid, and me. We were both tired, but I'm NOT a small woman (I'm 5'9", 160#). She IS that much bigger.

Until about a year ago, I’d owned black cats for years (I lost my last one, Zuel, about this time last year – not for this reason, he was old and passed on), and while our cats do not go outside, we always keep a close eye on ALL our animals this time of year.
Let’s put it this way – I don’t even like them “sunning” in the windows this time of year.
Reputable pet stores, shelters and rescues “pull” black animals from their “shelves” (I hate referring to animals like objects, but…), as early as August in some areas, for this exact reason.
Another “believe it or not” issue – a few nights before I found out that Huskys were being stolen (I saw four posts on Facebook alone in one day), I had mentioned a dream I had to my husband about our Dusyran being pulled OVER our fence. Because I keep night hours, more often than not, she’s usually out to run the yard and do her “business” late at night/very early morning.
She had gotten out of our fenced, gated, locked yard about a week ago (10.11.15); I assumed she jumped the fence (which she’s never done), and I had the dream the following night (it never occurred to me someone might pull our 90+ pound dog over the fence, prior). I read about the theft epidemic Friday (10.16.15).
Spooky enough for Craig and me.
Please, please, PLEASE if you have animals, keep a very, very, VERY close eye on them in the next couple weeks.
If you’re anything like us, and consider your pets family (as you should), make sure they’re safe and secure this Samhein. 


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