Days of the Dead

Here in Southern Arizona, Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead,  is a pretty big deal.


Often, with celebrations lasting a week or more, this is not a subject I know a ton about. Nor, have I been feeling well enough to do much homework on it.
Much like Samhein, for Wiccans,  it’s honoring those loved ancestors who have passed on, in some Latin cultures.
Typically celebrated November 1 (here, at least), you’ve probably seen sugar skulls (exactly what they sound like; hand-crafted sugar based skulls, painted to reflect the individual who’s legacy they represent) and the elaborate makeup and costuming of a similar fashion (no pun).


Not having been well the last week, I apologize for the brevity of this particular blog. With Halloween fast approaching, I wanted to make sure I was able to share some of these ideas and inspirations in time for those who may wish to partake.


This particular line of wines, found at Total Wine. You can also find several brands of tequila with sugar skull themes. Follow us on Facebook, where I'll be posting more, as I feel up to it, this weekend.

Sugar Skull Manicures

Day Of The Dead Manicures

Latina Inspired Nail Art
Which, has some very cute DOTD ideas.

Las Muertas Photography
Gorgeous ideas, if you plan to dress for the occasion.  However,  this article shares why it might not be a great Halloween costume idea.

Lastly, some sweet inspiration to bring the best of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos together.

While we’re at it, check out all our past #FreakyFriday blogs, for more Halloween decoating, makeup and other inspiration! And, don’t forget to follow #GlitterFantasy on ALL our social media, like Twitter, Instagram and especially Facebook , for even more exclusive, daily content.


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An Apple A Day

Oh The Tangled Webs We Weave


Children Of The Corn

Leaf Peepin’ For Halloween Creepin’!

Have Some Holiday Fun!

Monster Mash

Dem Bones!
This blog may also hold some Day of the Dead ideas for you.


Have A Bloody Good Time

Halloween Haunting On Any Budget

Spooktacular Halloween Beauty
This will surely have additional parts, as I find more and more spooktacular Halloween makeup ideas and tutorials.

Hair Raising Halloween
All about the day of ‘do.

In The Spirit
This is our BOOziest Halloween blog! Everything from DIY, black sugar/salt rims, to the verdict on dry ice being safe and even some skeletal stirrers.


How To Perfectly Pair Your Halloween Candy With BOOze!

Watermelon Kegs Are So Last Summer!
Try a pumpkin keg, instead!

The Cute, The Creepy And The Terrifying

Scary Mary, Quite Contrary
My #1 Halloween pet peeve as a cosmetologist and MUA, this is a concern for the health of you and your family.

The #TealPumpkinProject – whether you or a loved one has a food allergy, just hate sugary treats, or if your family is vegetarian or vegan, this is a must know.

All these blogs have additional links, to other Glitter Fantasy posts – for example,

The Great Pumpkin

has a link for tons of pumpkin recipes and

Won’t You Be My BOO?

has some awesome scary stories, in an additional link. Make sure to check them all out, and get your Halloween fix, Glitter Fantasy style!

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