Bats in Our Belfry

Bats are my favorite, regardless of what time of year it is. I’ve had a strange fascination with them since grade school, and all those nasty rumours about them getting stuck in your hair were first introduced to me as a scare tactic of sorts.


Never having been one to just take word, I did a lot of research and fell in love with these creatures of the night. If you’ve seen pictures of me, you may have noticed several of my tattoos are bats. Just look at some of these adorable faces, which aren’t all the horror of Hollywood legends.


And, this baby bat hug is sure to warm the cockles of your cold, soulless, bat-hating heart.


Some of my favorites, in my personal collection. Most gifts from Craig, including Bat Baby (lower right) who was a recent addition, and the resin bangle bracelet (top photo), which was a wedding gift from him.

Of course, BatMan aside, there’s plenty of other famous bats (although they did leave out Bob and Bella and Jenny from the Bloody Roar video game series), and they’re revered in Asia, but if you’re serious about wanting to learn more or help keep even more bats safe from danger of extinction, Bat Conservation International is my recommendation. I’ve been a member for many years, and they partner with Dr. Tuttle, who is considered the leading authority here in the US (if you want to pick up a book to help identify or learn more, that’s the name to look for).


Even Craig admitted that before he and I got together, he was not a fan of my fuzzy little friends. Now, he’s build a bat house, and we plant moon gardens, which aptly named, showcase flowers that bloom at night to help attract bats native to our area (mostly Mexican Freetails), which can eat 1,000s of bugs, like mosquitoes, in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

Hourglass and mask available through links below.

Hourglass and mask available through links below.

Now, lecturing aside, I could
easily go broke here at Bat Goods (and Christmas is coming up, wink, nudge)! A bat wing backpack is my kind of everyday purse, I’d give up my alarm clock in a heartbeat for this bat hourglass and think I’d be framing, not wearing, this Venetian bat mask.


These sassy bats embody the eight typical nightclub personalities, and do quite a cute job of it.

You can also learn to fold bat wing origami, which would be adorable flying around for a party.

Recipes! Oh my Gods, too many cute, batty edibles! I could never eat them (I won’t even eat bat shaped peanut butter cups), but…

Sugar Cookies

Goofy Bats

Bat Cookies

Spooky Bats


Spooky Cake

Bat Cake

Batty Cupcakes

Bats Cake

Spooky Bat Cupcakes


Bat Oreo Truffles

Twix Bats

Bat Strawberries
Which, would be a perfect garnish for BOOze, like…

Middle picture is a batty bow with wiggle eyes! How simple and adorable?  Bottom is the bat stemless wine glass Craig got me a couple weeks ago.

Middle picture is a batty bow with wiggle eyes! How simple and adorable?
Bottom is the bat stemless wine glass Craig got me a couple weeks ago.

White Bat

Bat Bite

Bat Out Of Hell

Or, if you’re just bringing a bottle of wine as a “hostess gift”, a DIY wine coffin (vampires and bats go wing-in-wing, right) would definitely set you apart!



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I'm all about bats, any time of year! This is my season! And, I loved the bat guano jar! Be perfect foe keeping chocolate chips in, since I have a weird sense of humor like that.

I’m all about bats, any time of year! This is my season! And, I loved the bat guano jar! Be perfect for keeping chocolate chips in, since I have a weird sense of humor like that.

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Images: pinterest, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, deviantart, personal, previously credited in prior links
(Main image was edited, but I have no information on the original artist. If you do, please leave information in comments so I may rectify that.)

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