Perfect…All Day, Everyday!

I just found a cool new beauty app for my phone…and I’m “dying” to share it!

Perfect 365 is an awesome new app (new to me, at least), to touch up your everyday photos. Giving you the power to change everything from hair color and style, to fixing blemishes and softening skin texture, this app is easy, fun and most of all, the basic version is free! 

With a few clicks and swipes, add or enhance makeup, take that new haircolor for a test drive or just add a little gloss to lips that otherwise ruin a perfect pic. 

You can select from pre-set looks and change them as you see fit or start from scratch and go step by step to create a new look, wild or mild. Most steps give you a slider bar to determine how dramatic you want color or intensity. 

And, the hair section allows you to drag sections of the selected “wig” in, out, up or down, to get the shape and volume you desire. 

For best results, select a photo that’s relatively close up and straightforward – the app does allow you to manually select a face and/or reset where enhancements go, (i.e., eye color), but it’s a multi-point feature that complicates the entire process. 

While the lavender hair and blue eyes above are a bit extreme (I’m blonde, naturally brunette, with brown eyes), you can go simple, too. I originally played with the app just to change my eye color (I’m a big fan of colored contacts) and clean up some pics of my husband and me that were a bit grainy due to bad lighting and poor camera quality. Now, the more I play with it, the more fun I have! 

Do everything from slim your face to lift your cheeks. Shape your brows, enhance your lashes and even remove bags under your eyes or enhance your smile. All up to you!

As mentioned, I find forward facing and close up shots are easiest to work with, especially as you’re getting used to how the program works. The photo I started with for these? Not so flattering. I’m tired, I’m cranky and well, what the fuck else is new? But, playing with Perfect 365 gave me a little confidence boost! 

(And, I’m kinda digging that lavender hair color…).

Notice I’m in the lip section, where I have options to deepen my smile, whiten my teeth, change lipstick color and add gloss. The slider at the right side, lets me determine how broad/white/dark/shiny the above options are, respectively. Hitting the “Compare” button will show you the original pic, so you can see your progress at each stage, from the original photo. 

I also showed my husband what he can expect when I start to go grey! Thankfully, I haven’t yet (not that I really care – I color anyway). But, I’m not so afraid of it once I do! I did use a similar, but different photo for this one. 

Another perk – going through drama with my 21 year old son, there’s been a lot of accusations about him not being “mine”. This app allowed me to change my hair color back to my natural color (or close) and my eye color to match his (which he got from his sperm donor – long story), to do a side by side comparison. Very few doubts now! That alone made this app a keeper! Same base photo as the silver-haired one above. 

Wanna be a Mermaid for a day? Have at it! While I’m unnaturally tan right now, because hubby and I have been spending a lot of time at the river, you can have that golden glow with the foundation feature! Or, go more ghastly by using a lighter foundation and brightening the skin!


Just look like a celebrity! 

This one cracks me up! One of our wedding pics when Craig, my husband, and I got married. Just the haircolor (I’ve been a redhead many times, and many shades) and style – I swore I was Reba! 

The original? Since a close friend says I look very, *ahem* “Stepford” here…^^^ 

Also look about 10-15 years older! 

If you’re looking for a free (you can pay for extra pallets and high-def photos), fun and easy way to edit photos, change up your look or just try something new, Perfect 365 is an amazingly easy way to do that. Packed with features, even on the basic version, you can find it on the iPhone App Store (and I assume Droid users can find it…well…however y’all survive downloading apps). 

Enjoy! And, don’t forget to share your creativity with us on Facebook @ GlitterFantasy! 

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