Shop Small to Make a BIG Difference!

Each year, GF likes to encourage others to “shop small”, and support small businesses who are often struggling to stay afloat with so many bigger, often cheaper, options available. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016 is “Shop Small Saturday,” an annual, nationwide event, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, that encourages others to seek out small businesses to support who are also likely trying to provide an amazing holiday experience for their families! Not only are you helping contribute to your community (or theirs, as the case may be, since several of our shop small businesses on this list are online only or perhaps out of state from you), but you can find unique treasures for nearly anyone on your list – even the person who “has it all”. 

If you’re out and about, you can look for this symbol (or similar) to denote a small business. Go in and give them a “looksee”! Never know what hidden gem you may find! A lot of restaurants and bars will also display this symbol, so stop for a bite there instead of a fast food chain.

This list will be re-shared on GF’s Facebook and other social media, throughout the holiday season. It may grow, as we stumble upon more fabulous places, worthy of note, and simply because without the support of consumers, local and small artisans, shops, business owners, etc., may not have the support (financial and otherwise) to continue providing amazing, custom and creative visions for the rest of us to enjoy. 
Also know as “Small Business Saturday”, you can read more about it here. We strongly encourage you to shop small, as much as you can this holiday season – whether it be on Shop Small Saturday or not (let’s face it – some of us just aren’t quite ready for it to be Christmas yet) – and throughout the year! Here’s some of our favorite small businesses, to get you started! Please do share this list, feel free to contact us if you know a small business that deserves to be on the list and we also strongly encourage small businesses to patronize other small businesses, and allow that spirit to cycle! 

Please remember: 

  1. As noted, several times, custom work takes time. If you’re so much as remotely interested in a custom piece from any of these vendors, please contact them directly, ASAP, for more information, including creation time and shipping. Don’t discount a custom piece if it simply can’t be done before your holiday of choice! Wrap a picture/handwritten note/card or accessory (say, a pretty pair of earrings to go in the custom jewelry box you ordered) and explain the situation. When your custom piece does arrive, it allows the season of giving, to continue! 
  2. Check back as we repost the list (it won’t be a full blog, so make sure you follow us on FB and Instagram) to refresh your memory and see any potential new additions. 
  3. This was a success last year and we heard from several fans and business that they found the perfect gift/designed or shipped orders, as a result of GF’s list! How exciting! However, please remember the spirit of this season is kindness. If something isn’t for you, or anyone on your list, simply move on. Different folks means different strokes – negativity towards an artisan or their craft(s) is not well tolerated here. 
  4. Most of these businesses have FB pages too! Give them a like to stay updated on new creations and special events they may be hosting or participating in!!!


Handmade crowns to beautiful, handmade jewelry creations. Flowers, feathers, mermaid, Native American, Dia de los Meurtos, even unicorn horns! She does custom work, too…just beware custom work takes time (since every piece is handmade) and so does shipping. Unique gifts for that person who has everything! Super affordable, too! 

Von’s Pick – I love the unicorn horns and matching tails because what little girl wouldn’t want to be a unicorn for Christmas?!? The peacock feathers and swords in exotic colors really set them apart. I also love the beautiful mermaid crowns, because y’all know I’m a mermaid by day! 


The most AMAZING lip balms you can get your pucker on! 700+ flavors, earth and animal friendly, custom flavors and labels, all made with love and the perfect amount of shine and “glide” to give you a perfect pout. Don’t forget to check out the other products as well, because the Healing Body Butter stick is a miracle in a tube. You will never use Neosporin again. 

Von’s pick – Pink Cake and Nighttime are my favorite balms, but the Healing Body Butter stick is something I never leave home without! It’s healed everything from minor cuts and scrapes, to deep wounds and even bruises, faster than any product I’ve ever used. 


Perfectly Posh is a relatively new skin care venture but one I’m glad was made. Vegan and paraben free, they’ve got you covered from head to toe – literally. Amazing scents and only the finest in essential oils and ingredients, it’s a difference you can see and feel. Best part? Everything in their huge catalog is under $25! 

Von’s Pick – Moisturize 911

If you stuff one stocking with PP this season, stuff it with this amazing crème, full of brightening, toning and complexion perfecting ingredients to make your holidays truly glow. If you do order, and want to “treat” your hostess with the mostess (I get points) you can use my link here:


The most amazing wax warmers and scents to fill your home with holiday cheer. Forget those little cubes! Pink Zebra uses what they call “sprinkles”, which make for easy mixing and matching scents and you control how much scent you want! I’ve also not had any problems with this product doing what those little cubes did; melting plastic combs that are designed to withstand 500° temperatures, simply by placing a new cube on top of them and forgetting over night. They will work in any standard/electric wax warmer, but at PZ prices, check out some of the super cute ones they offer. Plus, they offer “soaks”, to make your own car air fresheners, scented toys, etc.! Have a warmer under the tree and a jar of sprinkles in the stocking! Or, make it a semi-handmade gift by creating uniquely scented car fresheners for friends and family (subtle hint to the teen who leaves half a pizza in his car until it’s unrecognizable or a sachet for Aunt Mary’s quilt closet). 

Von’s Pick – Pumpkin Amber is my go-to scent whenever I need a little pick-me-up! Less PSL, a touch more warmth from the amber and a splash of citrus make this scent relaxing and refreshing. Store bought pie? No problem! The Warm Apple Pie scent will have family and friends fooled in no time! 


The. Best. Gourmet popcorn, second to none! Hand popped, in small batches, one bag to 100! And, sooooo many delicious flavors to choose from! Just the perfect amount of light, crispy, crunchy, “candy” coating (like kettle korn), this would be perfect in a Christmas Eve box, as a stocking stuffer or for co-worker gifts and holiday parties. Make sure you order extra because it goes fast and you’re definitely going to want your own! 

Von’s Pick – The Pumpkin Spice is decadent, but I adore mixing the Cherry and Cinnamon together (it’s like Cherry Sours and Cinnamon Bears candy, both which I love). Even not being an eggnog person, their Eggnog popcorn is divine! 


Beautiful and eclectic jewelry and handmade creations. Think classic pieces like cameos, meets Steampunk, Gothic and more. Every piece is handmade with amazing attention to detail and custom orders are accepted. Contact them directly to see if they can help create your ideal piece, as well as for pricing and times to create and ship. 

Von’s Pick – I love the twisted classics, like the gothic cameos (mentioned above). I also like quite a bit of Steampunk fashion, and these aren’t the same Steampunk you can find all over the net. Delicate, feminine and classy; it doesn’t scream “Steampunk”, rather just “unique”.  


Beautiful wooden creations, by a husband and wife team, many with Celtic knot work or more Renaissance themes. The shop is online only and as mentioned, custom work takes time. Please contact them directly (not us at GF), to ask how long an order may take. They are an SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, if memory serves) household – so if you have any SCA fans/members on your list, I’m sure they’d treasure a gift from one SCA household, to theirs! 

Von’s Pick – Reagan (the wife part of this duo) has been a friend of mine for many years. Some of the beautiful, exotic woods she uses – in naturally rich, gemstone colors – are my favorite to see! She works with a deep plum one called “Purple Heart”, and I’ve been hinting to my husband that I can never have too many jewelry boxes! 


If you’re in, around or passing through Tucson, Cata Vinos is a wine lovers dream, tucked away off the street and hidden so well, if you blink, you’ll miss it. Most every wine is under $15 a bottle and they do offer tastings with palette cleansers (snacks), as well as wine by the glass or bottle and cater to special events. They often have a food truck onsite for special tastings and offer tapas style, small plates of meats, cheeses and olives for an additional fee, during tasting. Indoor and outdoor seating, a nice way to unwind after a long day of work or shopping, and maybe even find a gift for the wine lover on your list, while you’re there. 

Von’s Pick – Craig and I have never had a bad wine here, however the one we adore (and celebrated with for our local wedding reception when we returned from California), is a sparkling moscato and the name has completely escaped me. Owner, Yvonne, always remembers, so if you tell her Craig and Evonne, the two blondes sent you, that would likely tip her off! 


Handmade metaphysical tools, gems, oils, jewelry and more. Some very unusual finds, she also does auctions and flash sales on Facebook. 

Von’s Pick – The Hitman Protection Oil is the best! Infused with stone chips and herbs to help add a layer of protection against negativity and attacks, both psychic and physical, the clean, lightly citrusy scent is relaxing, refreshing and I wear it often for its anti-negativity benefits. Especially when out in public. The scent alone makes it perfect for anyone who likes a light, springy, slightly floral perfume oil. 


Products produced with ground crystals and other healing elements; range from bracelets to nail polish to their famous Earth Energy Mats, and are said to do everything from ease back pain to keep drinks colder, longer, based on this technology. They have a ton of products to chose from, so there’s bound to be something for everyone on your list! 

Von’s Pick – Not going to lie. I have quite the wish list here for Santa! But, after trying a very small piece of one of their original mats, I’d strongly suggest these! I’ve had a lot of migraines lately (tis the season, right?) and I can place one of these small pieces on my head, where the headache seems to center, and within minutes it’s gone or near gone. Make sure you read about the technology itself and some of the over 100 ways loyal fans suggest using it! 
Some of these businesses may look familiar from last year’s list – simply because they are so extraordinary! Some, have craftspeople who were on last year’s list, but have elected to showcase different talents. Some, are entirely new!  We strongly encourage you to support these and all small businesses, the community and the artisans behind this work – whether it be the little Ma&Pa diner who always makes your favorite dish just right or the amazing talents who sew, craft, create and astound everyone with their work! 

As mentioned, please let us know if you know a small business who needs some holiday love and we’ll check it out for the reposts. Yes, shopping small may cost a bit more, but you’re helping someone like you buy their kids gifts and put food on their table, as opposed to supporting some faceless CEO getting his/her 5th vacation home. 

  • Other ideas:
  • Visit a flea mall/antique mall/ garage sales/swap meet or check out one online for your area. Also consider “gently used” games/CDs/movies/books from a local small business that deals in such (Zia, Hansen’s, Bookmans). 
  • Offer to “trade” services with friends and family, instead of buying a gift (i.e., as a hairdresser, say coworkers all exchange services – I give the nail tech a hair cut and style, (s)he gives me a pedicure). Or, I offer my tattoo artist a cut and color in exchange for a small tattoo. 
  • If you’re giving a pet as a gift (always make sure the animal is wanted and the recipient able to care for the animal), adopt and don’t shop. Shelters need that donation, especially this time of year!  
  • Host company holiday parties at small restaurants/bars as opposed to big, multimillion dollar hotels and resorts. Smaller spaces encourage mingling and if the establishment doesn’t provide food, find a local caterer to do so! 
  • Shop farmers markets for in season ingredients for holiday meals. Or, ingredients like fresh honey for DIY gifts. 
  • Check out local vineyards, breweries and distilleries for the booze lover in your list. 
  • Here, we have what’s called the 4th Ave Street Fair, before the holidays. It’s in the artsy area of town and while it used to be far more local vendors, it still encourages shopping from smaller businesses – both those set up for the event and those who line the streets year ’round. Look for events like that by checking social media and local circulars and newspapers. 
  • Think charitable donations in lieu of traditional gifts. But! Wait for it! GF will be doing a blog soon on some legit ones and the etiquette behind gifting charity instead of goods. 

Think twice this holiday season! And shop small! 

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