Beyond the Blue

In honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to first give a “shout out” to the best father I know – my amazing husband Craig, who, with two grown children of his own, two children-in-law, a stepson he loves as his own…is about to start all over and “daddy up” again, at the tender young age of 54! 
Due to a medical condition, Craig can’t wear much in the way of cologne or scent, so when I was sent Nautica’s new “Blue” cologne for review, I got to be the Guinea pig. 
Strong and overpowering is the best I can say. With a strong citrusy scent, that vaguely reminded me of something one would use to clean their kitchen floor, the notes of grassy field, hospital disinfectant and a slightly oriental base note would NOT go away once I applied it – which I guess is good news for men who like spending 10Xs the amount of a can of Axe and still smelling just as douchy. 
Granted, everyone is different and it could smell perfectly fabulous on someone else. However, I certainly wouldn’t recommend spending $62.50 for 3.4oz at Macy’s or even $12.34 at Amazon , who describes tropical fruits, sandalwood and jasmine, musk, cedar and water lily as other components of this disastrous fragrance combination. 
I guess sometimes you can have too many good things. 
As a woman who enjoys a bit of cologne on a man from time to time, as long as it’s subtle and suited to his body chemistry (I enjoy my husband’s deodorant and the way it blends with his “natural scent”, just fine!), I can’t imagine this smelling attractive on any dude…especially not one taking me any place nicer than Taco Bell for a first date (because this stuff is so strong, it could make even those bathrooms smell worse). 
Craig took a slight whiff of the odoriferous offender and agrees. In fact, he’s resorted to referring to it as “the shit spray”. 
I think what it really comes down to is its simply too strong. It really is overwhelmingly strong and with a sensitive nose (like I have), it’s nothing more than a headache in a bottle to me. In my opinion, it smells cheap, poorly blended and as if expensive essences have been watered down and stronger, cheaper scents (like the aforementioned kitchen floor cleaner) were subbed to distract the buyer from noticing. 
In my opinion, a can of Axe…or Glade…or even one of those little pine trees for your vehicle…will accomplish the same stink factor, at a fraction of the cost. 


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