Pop Tarts Just Got Jolly!

No matter your stance on the better breakfast toaster treat, Pop Tarts are the original portable breakfast pouch. With over 30 current varieties, from fruity and fun to more sophisticated selections, Pop Tart has done it again with new Jolly Rancher toaster pastries!

We don’t care that people may or may not think Pop Tarts qualify as ravioli (yeah, you read that right). We just care about these deliciously fruity, slightly tart, juicy, tangy, frosted bits of heaven. 

Available in three flavors – Cherry, Watermelon and Green Apple – the Cherry ones my husband and I were sent to sample left us sweetly surprised! They were reminiscent of the original toaster pastry we grew up on; soft, squishy filling, crunchy pastry shell and the iconic candy-coated glaze, we both took a little vacation back to the 1980’s when food still tasted like…well, food. 

Would we buy them? Absolutely! And, I haven’t bought Pop Tarts since the Chocolate Fudge variety (my favorite) took on the taste of the box they’re sold in and the original Strawberry started skimping on the sprinkles (and the frosting that housed them). 

It’s been awhile, needless to say. 

With companies striving to be at the forefront of cutting edge flavor trends (I mean, Peeps flavored Oreos? Really?!?), we’ve gone a little “taste blind” and are nonplussed by the flavor shock many companies are striving for. However, Jolly Rancher is just enough classic fruity and futuristic fun to satisfy – without the gross out factor. 

Find them at your local Walmart and enjoy two good things in one!