Happy Holidays From the Remsburgs!

LETTUCE help you and yours have a happy and healthy 2018, because we CARROT about you!

(If you’ve received a holiday card from Craig and me, you’re in the right place!)

Included in your holiday card from us, you may notice two little “stuffers” – Two small rectangles, possibly  perforated, that resemble toilet paper. 

Those two rectangles are actually SEED TAPE. Each section (they are perforated, providing TWO individual “tapes” per rectangle, however they did not come apart so easily, making some of wider or longer than others), contain seeds. 
The tapes marked “L” are lettuce, while “C” is carrots (the markings are faint as they were done with a charcoal art pencil, so not to potentially interfere with the growth of the seeds by use of unnecessary chemicals). There are roughly 7-8 seeds per lettuce tape, and 20 seeds per carrot tape (for a combined total of 15ish lettuce seeds and 40ish carrot seeds). 
Easy to grow, indoors or out – in the ground or a container, we thought this was a fun way to help encourage everyone we love to enjoy a healthier 2018, get their hands dirty, get the kids involved and start/customize a small garden to your living environment! 

(Watch this awesome video on some unique ways to garden, in small spaces, by up-cycling plastic bottles!

These are Ferry~Morse brand seed tapes, in “Scarlet Nantes” carrot and “Salad Bowl” lettuce. Both should be easy to grow, (Craig’s the green thumb, not me, and these were his recommendations), even for kiddos. I will say hard, dry Arizona soil made growing carrots difficult for us, but holy shit! We had Butter Lettuce one year that caught a good breeze and covered half our yard! Craig strongly recommends starting them inside in cold, winter climates and/or if you have hard soil like here in AZ. 

Nice though, to go outside and pick your salad FRESH! 
Instructions and photos are shown below, to ensure you can make the most of your seed tape stuffers. 

Scarlet Nantes Carrot instructions

Salad Bowl Lettuce instructions

What the seed tape looks like.

Now, most of you know Craig and I are in the process of moving. I bought this house back in 2003, before Craig and I were an item, but he and I have been together since 2008, married since 2015. This house and state no longer work for either of us. I had been booked on a flight to fly out and view some houses about a week after Craig came back into my life (obviously I cancelled that flight…always get the insurance!) – I’ve been ready to go for awhile. 

Craig and I – married and handfasted 05.03.15 on Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA.

Craig and me

For those who don’t know, Craig and I have known each other about 30 years. By the time I was of a “legitimate” dating age, one or the other was always involved with someone else. While it sounds kind of awkward to say it was, “love at first sight”, when I was six and he was 18 years my senior with kids of his own, only a couple years younger than me, it was true for both of us. Neither of us ever thought we’d be together and neither ever suspected interest from the other. 

Central Park, New York City, NY


The five Burroughs of NYC! Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and Manhattan! Including our anniversary toast at Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain in Manhattan, my absolute favorite restaurant.

After he took me home for our first wedding anniversary, as I suspected, he fell in love with my home of New York. Because of his health issues and mine, we originally agreed to move…to Louisiana! Which we both loved as we came back to Arizona and passed through Baton Rouge. However, on a surprising and ecstatic note, he changed his mind and decided New York was home to him, too! 

Baton Rouge, LA

Originally from Iowa, my husband’s health dictates warm climates – mine, requires cold…hence the Louisiana compromise, after we spent 10 days on the road and toured 24 states in the process. We’ve been a bit secretive about the move since his kids found out and pulled some stunts to cause us immense legal and financial problems and him, terrible heartache. 
Assuming these little stunts would turn us against each other, it only brought us closer together. And, while it delayed our move from July 2017 to early 2018 (for our safety, I’m not releasing when or exactly where in NY yet), it won’t stop us. 

During Aerosmith live, earlier this year! Yup! Aersosmith live! We were…disappointed.

Goddess knows it’s been a rough couple years for us – many of you know my adult son, Taboo (yes, that is his real name), had to go into FBI custody because his biological father and half siblings (not mine, thank Gods!) attacked him to the point of him being near death. Last Xmas Eve, I was in surgery with Taboo to have a graft taken from my leg in order to patch a hole in his heart, after his biological father attacked him a second time. The surgery went well and Taboo has healed amazingly well, courtesy of his Mom’s healing skills! He celebrated his 22nd birthday in March! However, the surgery scorched a nerve in my leg and I almost died on the table. I’m still recovering from the effects and learning to deal with the nerve damage to (what was) my “good leg”. 

Taboo – also known as Boo, Ghostie, Boo-Berry and Bratzilla – avoiding being caught with his glasses on.

Recovering from leg surgery at home, after my initial recovery at Amanda’s

My birthday/Valentine’s day gift from Craig. Right wrist and hand that will eventually continue up to the elbow

Christmas 2015, at Mt. Lemmon playing in the snow! Some things never change

Craig found a comfy little Hawkeyes bar while traveling though Iowa to New York! Best damn Mexican food in the restaurant next door, too!

Craig’s 54th birthday!


Soon after, Craig and I found out we were pregnant! We’d both like to have another child, of OUR own (my son calls him “Dad”; albeit his kids won’t talk to me – don’t care for me, never have. That’s fine. Different folks, different strokes). Our due date was Samhain (Halloween) 2017, and we were thrilled! A week prior, I miscarried. We’re definitely trying again, but would like to get our move out of the way, first. 

About six months pregnant.

(Doesn’t mean we’re not still trying!)

Zombie mermaid; Halloween 2017


BRAAAAAAINZZZ!!! My husband the ham!

Many thanks, again, to all who donated to help me travel all THREE times I had to, on Taboo’s behalf! And, special shout out to my BFF, Amanda, who let me crash at her place, recover from surgery, put us up after the carbon monoxide incident and for Easter! She’s been my rock for many years. And, I like yelling at her husband! 😂

Easter Sunday weekend with my BFF Amanda’s family, who is our family. Craig suffered a slight stroke and wasn’t feeling well.

Amanda, myself and her daughter, “Mz. Thang”! My niece for all intents and purposes and my sister.

On a bittersweet note, our little boy (Taboo), is all grown up. He announced after Thanksgiving that he’s engaged and I can expect to be a grandmother and Craig and a grandfather (again), soon! Since I’m not able to have much contact with him, I don’t know a lot of details yet, but we’re happy for him and hope his lady friend and him have a relationship as strong and loving as ours!!!

Third wedding anniversary at the most amazing oyster bar in Arizona! Casey Moore’s in Tempe is not to be missed!

Third wedding anniversary. Our lovely hotel had a free nightly happy hour!

We hope to finish out 2017 with a bang! Lots of love, healing and light that will transcend into a much brighter 2018 for everyone. Please know that you and your family always has and always will be in our thoughts and blessings, as we take on this exciting new adventure together! 
Brightest blessings –
Craig, Evonne and Taboo Remsburg 

UPDATE (12.20.17):

Since Craig kinda accidentally “spilled the beans” this morning, yes we are expecting again. I’m approximately 9ish weeks at best guess. We see the doctor the 26th (earliest we could get – our doctor has a three month wait usually). So, we’re looking sometime between late June and early August as a due date. We were planning to keep it hush-hush until we knew more but I wanted to head this off before people saw his very sweet and well-meaning post and started asking questions. 

The post that “spilled the beans”! lol It has a beautiful Wiccan blessing to go with it.

“Mothers Night Prayer


O Holy Mother, gracious and most divine creator of life. It is from your heart that nothingness can bare fruit, and it is from your godly womb the great spark of life is born.

You who have given of yourself time, and time again to both the devout, and the petulant. You who have shown us what it truly means to love without end, and without condition. You who are the ultimate mother. 

To your daughters, shaped in your image, you entrust with the power of the immortal gate between worlds, that which is the cradle of life.

To those daughters you give the gift of strength that can over come all pain, as well as the drive to brave, and light the way through all darkness; it is the power of a mothers love.

On this night we pay tribute to you, and give thanks for your continual grace given unto us on our darkest night, and the grace you give unto us through that which are your life bearing daughters. 

Blessed art thou divine mother of creation.”

Yes, makes it extra exciting that Taboò is also expecting and Craig and I will (Goddess willing) have a child the same age as our grandson/granddaughter to grow up with! Please keep all four (six? More?!?) in your thoughts, blessings and prayers!
Images: personal, Pinterest, Tiffany Pierce

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