“I’m a little pink and glitter, meets bats and black roses…”
I am a *HAIR ARTIST AND SKIN/MAKEUP EFFECTS GODDESS* (aka licensed cosmetologist) and AZ State Board Theory & Practical exam Coach with my own company, Sinful FX. I adore what I do! Aquarius sun, Aquarius moon, Virgo rising, an exotic mutt with hereditary backgrounds of Irish, Dutch, Romanian and Native American. I’m tattooed and pierced, do a little modeling here and there and consider myself a fairly well-rounded, although slightly eccentric, individual. I am sarcastic and often dry, independent and headstrong. I can be jaded, cold, mysterious, unemotional, detached and downright bitchy when provoked. On the other hand, I am strong, passionate, whimsical and feel everything in my life deeply and intensely, whether I choose to show it or not. I find humor in strange places, and as a result, I am usually the only person laughing. I often speak before I think, which makes for interesting conversations, but I rarely apologize for the things I say. I tend to stare off into space. Even while driving. Because of this, I am prone to hearing parts of conversation, and making up the rest as I go along. I smile a lot, for no reason, and am often accused of being up to no good. Generally, I have no clue I’m smiling, but I like how nervous it makes people, so I run with it. I have a fear of commitment that involves places more than people. I’m also afraid of biscuit cans. I s*it you not. I’m easily distracted by pretty colors, blinking lights and anything sparkly or iridescent. I will also pet just about anything that appears to be soft, fuzzy or uniquely textured. I’m slightly more cautious since the episode with the fuzzy, man-eating plant, but I tend to act before I think, too. I have an all inclusive lip gloss/ lipstick fetish. Depending on the day, I would very possibly sell my soul for cosmetic items. On any given day, I would sell my soul for chocolate…and *good* wine. I have a super sensitive nose and am often found sniffing things. I’ve been told it’s rather creepy, but oddly endearing. I have an insatiable weakness for men with long hair and blue eyes. And, bats. Even if they don’t have long hair and blue eyes. Not quite normal enough to take home to Mom. Not enough freak to join the circus. A little blonde, a little spooky — pink and glitter meets bats and black roses — it’s one of those combinations you think sound absurd at first, until you give it a taste. Then, you’re not quite sure how you ever really lived before. That’s me.

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