Monster Mash

With Halloween approaching faster than a zombie apocalypse, we are just dying to share all the cool and creepy things we’ve “stumbled” upon, over and into!
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Have Some Holiday Fun

I just recently stumbled upon a fun, interactive site that allows you to put your photo into a variety of “backgrounds”.
Forget the office supply store, dancing elf holiday cards – these are unique and fun!
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Leaf Peepin’ for Halloween Creepin!

We don’t have much in the way of seasons here in Arizona – we have hot, and Satan’s butt-hole hot. We do get some fall color, and even snow, at higher elevations (where we live is north of Tucson, and we tend to see snow 5-6 times a year – we also have several Mullberry trees in our yard, that do change to a lovely shade of gold), but it’s just not the same as being surrounded by all the rich, warm fall colors, all the time.
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Watermelon Kegs Are So Last Summer

If you like BOOze, like we do, you probably heard about the watermelon keg that was all the rage this summer. Exactly what it sounds like, you clean out a watermelon, add a tap, some alcohol and viola! You’re the hit of the party!
Why limit this to just summer or just watermelons? Why not take the trend into Fall and tap a pumpkin, instead?
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An Apple A Day

I love apples, especially this time of year, in cider, pie and drenched in caramel. I also love going to local orchards and picking our own. It’s relaxing, fun and you’re guaranteed the absolute freshest of the fresh (which is something most local grocery stores can’t guarantee).
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The Cute, the Creepy and the Terrifying

Love Halloween?
Yeah, me too, in case you hadn’t noticed.
This blog, as stated, is a bit of a mash-up. A lot of makeup, some decorating, a couple scary stories…
With links to even more need to see/know/do for the Halloween handicapped.
And, of course, BOOze. Lots and lots of BOOze.
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