Bats in Our Belfry

Bats are my favorite, regardless of what time of year it is. I’ve had a strange fascination with them since grade school, and all those nasty rumours about them getting stuck in your hair were first introduced to me as a scare tactic of sorts.

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Death by Chocolate- 200 chocolate ideas for National Chocolate Day

October 28 is National Chocolate Day.
As if we need an excuse to eat chocolate, right?

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Black Cats and Cauldrons

Since my week was a bit, shall we say, disturbed, we’re swapping out Seafood Sunday for Spooky Sunday, to make up for the Freaky Friday blog I wasn’t able to conjure up in time. It’s a double-header; black cats and cauldron style.

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Throwback, Parrot Style!

I posted recently about punching myself in the face , the day after Craig and I got married. Here’s another fun TBT from our bizarre (to say the least) wedding .
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How to Perfectly Pair Your Halloween Candy With Wine

Let’s face it.
90% of the Halloween candy you buy, never makes it to the kiddos.
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Monster Mash

With Halloween approaching faster than a zombie apocalypse, we are just dying to share all the cool and creepy things we’ve “stumbled” upon, over and into!
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