Daily Features


Each day, we strive to provide a wide array of content about beauty and everything beautiful.
Beauty, fashion, recipes, crafts, poetry, personal narratives, reviews and more, which is further enhanced by posts from our Facebook page, Glitter Fantasy, and other social media sites.
In addition, each day we’ve come up with a “theme” to focus on for blogs, pictures and posts! If you’re curious what theme to expect each day, here’s the breakdown.


MONDAY: Meatless Monday
TUESDAY: Taco Tuesday
WEDNESDAY: Wine Wednesday
THURSDAY: Throwback Thursday
FRIDAY: Freaky Friday
SUNDAY: Seafood Sunday

Some posts may be repeats, some may be updated, some may be entirely new. The goal is to share a range of stories, ideas and glittering inspiration for you and your life, with a specific theme in mind.

And, just because a day has a “food-centric” theme, don’t think it’s all just recipes. Anything from a dress made of hot sauce packets (Taco Tuesday), to bath salts soaked in red wine (Wine Wednesday), even jewelry or beauty projects featuring marine life or beach sand (Seafood Sunday) tend to sneak in, so keep an open mind and give each blog a read, regardless.

And, we’ve decided to add a daily “color theme” to our social media!
What does that mean?
It means each day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’ll be sharing even MORE beauty and fashion posts, with a specific color(s) in mind!
You can expect:
MONDAY: Reds, Oranges and Pinks
TUESDAY: Greens and Yellows
FRIDAY: Blacks and Whites
SUNDAY: Golds, Silvers and Metallics

Why is Saturday blank? Saturdays are “date days” with my husband, Craig, so I rarely post a full blog. I take that as my one day off. I may share content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, but a whole blog is pretty rare. Think of Saturday as a wild card day; posts (if they happen) could be anything.
Alongside the daily theme, posts on similar topics or complete 180s could be shared, so follow us and check back often to see what’s new!