PR Disclaimer

Thanks for stopping by and giving us a look!
Being a state certified and licensed cosmetologist, as well as an award winning makeup, hair and nail artist, I am quite adept at using and reviewing beauty products (as well as others).
Having blogged and reviewed products for several years, especially on sites like Sparkle*Shelf, I’ve covered the gambit.
I am happy to take review submissions and requests; however, please be aware that I will NOT provide a “good” review of a product, simply because I recieved it for no cost. I am honest and forthcoming about my thoughts, and while I try to provide both positive and negative feedback on all products, that is not always guaranteed to be the case.
I refuse to be bribed, threatened or otherwise cohearsed into providing a positive review on any product, and such attempts will be reported to proper authorities.
As long as we’re all cool on that, I’m excited to review just about any products I’m not allergic to or morally opposed to.
I look forward to working with you!


Image: Flickr