No Shit, Scary Story

When Craig and I got together, we moved in together immediately. We’d known each other over 20 years…we were just a little tardy to the dating party (the age difference, for one and secondly, neither of us ever knew the other was interested). Plus, I intuitively trusted him, from day one. I had a psychotic ex (don’t know if he is still, I refuse to deal with him on any level) and Craig moved in right away as a matter of my safety.
Maybe two weeks later, one morning my ex showed up to rape me, because (in my ex’s words) “She’s my wife and I’ll do whatever the fuck I damn well please with her”, and Craig answered the door. Certainly verified my gut instincts (and, rectified the problem – my 5’6″ ex was no match for my 6’2″, now, husband. This is important later in the story, by the way).
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Seven Years Later…

My husband, Craig, and I have known each other for about 25 years; I used to house-sit, and occasionally babysit (even though his kids are about my age), when I was younger and growing up down the street.

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Thursday is for a Throwback

I’ve reached a point in my life, where I’m not about having “stuffs and things”, rather making memories and having great experiences. I love “Throwback Thursday” for this very reason; it encourages everyone to take a peek into their memories and have a chance to re-live those experiences.
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