Leaf Peepin’ for Halloween Creepin!

We don’t have much in the way of seasons here in Arizona – we have hot, and Satan’s butt-hole hot. We do get some fall color, and even snow, at higher elevations (where we live is north of Tucson, and we tend to see snow 5-6 times a year – we also have several Mullberry trees in our yard, that do change to a lovely shade of gold), but it’s just not the same as being surrounded by all the rich, warm fall colors, all the time.
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Have a Bloody Good Time This Halloween

Friday the 13th. Nightmare on Elm Street. Halloween.
What is the addiction to a bloody good slasher flick?
The blood, of course!
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The Great Pumpkin

Let’s face it – a Halloween celebrity and icon for most everything Fall, the beloved great pumpkin is about more than just some guy named Charlie Brown, or even Jack, for that matter.

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In the Spirit

Halloween should be a time for spooks and scares, fun and games. Sad, we live in a world where trick-or-treating is done primarily at malls and fire houses, as opposed to door-to-door, due to the sketchy nature of a vast amount of human beings. What used to be a child’s opportunity to dress up and dream, has become more adult – which, isn’t all bad, because that means there’s drinks involved.

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