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Do I have your attention?!? Keep going to find out more about this beautiful pic!

Well, GF fans! It’s been a year already! Can you believe it? We’re celebrating a year of blowing up your social media and blogging here at Word Press! My, how a year changes things! 

It’s been a bittersweet year for us. My gorgeous husband, Craig, and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary/belated honeymoon  with a 10 day and 24 state road trip to my hometown in Queens, New York! Aside from the weather being cold and rainy, on the front end of a pressure system when we left (late April), what a magical experience! 

I hadn’t been home in almost eight years and Craig had never been to New York at all! Along the way, we stopped in his hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, where I got the hometown tour. I had been to Iowa, but many years ago. We both experienced states and things we hadn’t prior (like, the Famous Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pennsylvania), the Ohio Turnpike (all I can say is, Gods help you if you get on that highway to hell), a brief tour of the Bayou via Baton Rouge, Louisiana and while hubby is not a fan of cold, wet weather, enjoyed visiting all five of the lower boroughs, the amazing food and 
didn’t mind the train – hey! We got a lot space at our hotel! That car wasn’t budging for our five day stay! I would guess seeing Ground Zero and the Freedom Tower were his favorite parts, but he also enjoyed Coney Island and a fabulous-as-always anniversary meal at Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain, Central Park, Times Square and all the hidden food gems and culture I could shove down his throat in just five days!

Coney Island beach – this mermaid isn’t going on vacation without seeing the ocean! Even though it was 40 degrees and raining.

What a memorable way to celebrate our first wedding anniversary (we’re coming up on eight years together, in a little over a week), by sharing our homes with each other. Not to mention, thanks to Enterprise, who helped us out a month prior (I’ll get to that in a few), we rode in style, with a super sexy 2016 Dodge Charger, that, will never steal my love of Camaros, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down if one came my direction (hint, hint, Santa!)!

A few of my favorite moments in NY! Strawberry Fields, cherry blossoms in Central Park, Ground Zero, the 9/11 memorial fountains, Coney Island beach, Hershey store in TS and our anniversay champagne toast at Bar Americain.

My son, Taboo (yes, that is his real name), who I hadn’t spoken to since I gave him up for adoption, to his paternal grandmother, at just over two years old, came back into my life in January. He was supposed to have documents to allow him to contact me when he turned 19, so that could be his choice – as heart wrenching as that decision was – however, his biological father kept them from him. 

My Mother’s Day gift, from my husband, drawn by my son.

A week after his 21st birthday, his was viciously attacked and assaulted, leading me to head from Arizona to Connecticut in order to be tested as a kidney donor (you see where the Enterprise reference is, now). I didn’t make it out of New Mexico when I was informed he would be going into FBI custody and I needed to turn around. 

In a melancholy twist of fate, I was able to see him for an unprecedented five or so minutes, and hold my son for the first time in almost 19 years. 

Due to the nature of the investigation, I’m not at liberty to discuss too many details – I will however say, I do get to hear from him, on occasion and he is recovering well. 

Now, as we head into September, and those being just a couple memorable moments of my 2016, I will say this year has been a wild ride. Craig and I are both looking forward to our lives settling down a little…at least with some of the negativity that’s crawled in. 

Craigs first time on the train!

Naturally, that’s easier said than done.

I have found a few ways to help relax and de-stress a bit though! A warm bath, a glass of good wine, some of my favorite incense and being surrounded by my favorite gemstones, my amazing husband and friends, getting inked (which, let’s face it, not as cheap as that bottle of wine), and recently, the wonderful, peaceful radiance of Michi at Soulcial Vibes! 

Such a lovely, beautiful soul, Soulcial Vibes in on a mission to support and empower everyone on their journey through this thing called life (R.I.P. Prince), by encouraging, inspiring and promoting services, products and good ol’ fashioned wisdom, knowledge and guidance on each individual’s path to their higher self. 

Well, wasn’t that a mouthful! 

Broken down, they want you to be the best you, you can be and live a blissful life, chock-full of the good stuff life has to offer, no matter what your beliefs may be or where you may desire your path to lead. 

This isn’t a quick fix, obviously…and, while there is magic, Soulcial Vibes believes you make your own magic – so, no magic potions or powders or anything – you have to work to attain what you desire to achieve. 

Michi at Soulcial Vibes just helps facilitate that magic. No gimmicks. No games. No fairy godmothers and fairytale endings…unless you’re willing to invest in one. 

Now, I don’t mean financially. Michi wants you to invest in you. That is, after all, the first step and main player in your journey. 

Granted, Soulcial Vibes offers and promotes some wonderful tools that, should that be what calls to you to assist your journey to a happier, healthier life, by all means. For example, they are a huge fan of VibesUp Earth Mats, which I am eagerly awaiting to try for myself! VibesUp also offers everything from bracelets to flip flops to nail polish (yup! I said nail polish!) with the same mineral technology that is highly acclaimed to do everything from ease back pain to aid weight loss to assist with concentration; everything but take off and fly, if you read some of the 118+ benefits and uses of these revolutionary mats/”technology”. I want to wrap myself, like a human burrito in one, since I think all but four of the listed suggestions had me wiping the drool off my screen. 

Granted, much like cheese is optional on a burger, and not necessarily for everyone, so are these tools. They are simply that – tools. 

The real magic is in the gentle encouragement and support that radiates and reminds you, as Michi says, “that you are love and are loved”. It may sound a little cheesy, especially if you’re picturing it coming out of my tattooed, pierced, typically foul mouth. If you’ve followed GF for any length of time though, you know I never recommend or promote anything I don’t honestly believe in. I’m honest, if nothing more, and have a list of companies who refuse to send me certain products for review because they didn’t believe me when reading our PR disclaimers the first time, and learned the hard way. 

I strongly recommend checking out Soulcial Vibes! Especially, on the Soulcial Vibes Facebook Page, where page fans have a plethora of daily good vibes, as well as access to free readings and giveaways! 

Yes, giveaways! Which include Michi’s wonderful, hand created blessing pouches, which are then customized for the recipient, with amazing devotion, energy and effort in the interest of helping you better yourself and in the interest of your higher good. 

Wanna sneak peek? Let’s just say this gal was the lucky winner of the abundance blessings pouch, and cannot wait to have her hot little paws on it (end of week)! 

Just some of the amazing goodies going in my abundance pouch! And, the chunks of the VibesUp Earth Mat!

Palo Santo wood for added blessings!

Go! Run (not with scissors or anything)! Check them out! I will keep you updated as my “goody pouch” arrives (especially on the VibesUp Earth Mat pieces being included) and just the very joy of this amazing “prize” (see? The abundance has already started!), has me in a better place and heading off on my path with a better sense of direction and a brighter outlook for the future. 

As we near the end of 2016, and those winter doldrums start to set in, now is the time to get your Vibe on! Since the energy really does radiate through the screen, sit back, take a couple minutes just for you, grab a cuppa (coffee, tea, that PSL), and a deep breath. May the blissful serenity of my abundance pouch radiate forth, so you too, may enjoy it’s blessings! 

Then, go check them out and grab your own! 


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Photo credits: personal, Soulcial Vibes