Yes, I Will do Your Makeup…

Glitter Fantasy...

No, I will not do it for free.

Every year, when Halloween rolls around, I get asked the same question – “Can I get you to do my makeup?!?”

Yes! Absolutely! Assuming you’re within reasonable distance (or willing to pay my travel expenses), understand hairand makeupare two totally different issues (this is not a 2-for-1 sale here)and are willing to PAY for my work.

Obviously, you asked me for a reason. You like my work, and I’m flattered! However, flattery alone does not pay our electric bill, help with groceries (trust me…I’ve tried flattering the produce guy and no dice…or extra tomatoes), nor does it cover the expense of the products I’m going to use on you.

I refuse to use the cheap stuff from a drug, discount or big-box store for anything other than Halloween decorations.

That go outside.

If you send me a picture of…

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